The Body

Nigerian Institute of Industrial Statisticians is the only recognized professional body specializing exclusively in industrial statistics. The board is a registered professional body aimed at promoting and developing the interest of statisticians and those in other related course/disciplines.

The professional examinations conducted by the Nigeria Institute of Industrial Statisticians provide a route into the statistical profession at Introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. They will be suitable for many people who wish to enter into or advance within the profession. They may be particularly helpful for those who wish to convert to statistical from another discipline after some years work, and for those in countries overseas where little or no statistical training and few formal statistical qualifications are available.

The examinations of the institute are designed to test student’s ability to solve practical statistics, management problems etc.

Holders of MNIIS are admitted into Nigerian Universities for Masters in Business Administration, Statistics, Mathematics etc.

The qualification is a pre-requisite to top management positions in commerce and industry.